Wildflowers at 71 Dodge Rd
(in order of their appearance through the summer)
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trout lily wood anemone common blue violet dandelion (tooth of the lion) bunchberry Canada mayflower Jack-in-the-pulpit Jack-in-the-pulpit lady's slipper Philadelphia fleabane Philadelphia fleabane starflower sweet white violet trillium wild strawberry miniature violet partridgeberry   canadian dwarf cinquefoil orange hawkweed meadow hawkweed common buttercup common buttercup whorled loosestrife hop clover and red clover cow vetch cow vetch white campion meadow rue black-eyed susan oxeye daisy bladder campion common mullein six-foot thistle thistle blossom 
(note bee lower left) Indian_pipe.JPG Joe-Pye Weed
 (Eupatorium fistulosum) rough-stemmed goldenrod rough-stemmed goldenrod lance-leaved goldenrod boneset
 (Eupatorium perfoliatum) cardinal flower daisy fleabane spotted touch-me-not evening primrose Queen Anne's lace Queen Anne's lace with a  "drop of blood" 
 from when she pricked her finger New England aster  calico aster panicled aster goldenrod gone white goldenrod gone white