79 Words for Snow and Ice
from West Greenlandic, an Eskimo dialect, compiled by
Stuart P. Derby


apun: snow
pukak: sugar snow
apingaut: first snowfall
pokaktok: salt-like snow
miulik: sleet
massak: snow mixed with water
auksalak: melting snow
aniuk: snow for melting into water
ayak: snow on clothes
kannik: a snowflake
akillukkak: soft snow
nutagak: powder snow
milik: very soft snow
aniu: packed snow
mitailak: soft snow covering an opening in an ice floe
aniuvak: a snowbank
natigvik: a snowdrift
sillik: hard, crusty snow
kimaugruk: a snowdrift that blocks something
kiksrukak: glazed snow in a thaw
mauya: snow that can be broken through
perksertok: drifting snow
akelrorak: newly drifting snow
katiksunik: a light snow
mavsa: a snowdrift overhead and about to fall
katiksugnik: a light snow not too deep for walking
kaiyuglak: a rippled surface of snow
apuuak: a snow patch
sisuuk: an avalanche
sullarniq: snow blown in, as through a doorway
apusiniq: a snowdrift
aput masannartuq: slush on the ground
qaniit: snow in the air, falling
nittaalaq: air thick with snow
nittaalaaqqat: hard grains of snow
qanipalaat: feathery clumps of falling snow
apirlaat: new fallen snow
pukak: snow crust
qannirsuq: snowy weather
pirsuq: a snowstorm
qinuq: rotten snow/slush on sea
imalik: wet snow falling
aput: snow on the ground
aputitaq: a snow patch on mountain
putsinniq: wet snow on top of ice
mangiggal: hard snow
kanik: frost
kanigruak: frost on a living surface
siku: sea-ice
sikursuit: pack-ice, or large expanses of ice in motion
sikuliaq: new ice
sikurluk: rotten "melting" ice floe
sikuaq: thin ice
iluliaq: an iceberg
nilak: a piece of fresh-water ice
sinnirit: lumps of ice stranded on the beach
sirmiq: a glacier
qaqurnak: rime/hoar-frost
iluq: frost on an inner surface of a window
pujurak: icy mist
nataqqurnat: hail
iluitsuq: a large ice floe
puttaaq: an ice floe
maniillat: hummocked ice/pressure ridges in pack-ice
kassuq: a drifting lump of ice
qaannuq: ice left adhering to shore
kusugaq: an icicle
imarnirsaq/ammaniq: an opening in sea-ice
quppaq: a navigable fissure in sea-ice
aakkarniq: rotten ice with streams forming
manirak: a smooth stretch of ice
tuaq: a lump of old ice frozen into new ice
nutarniq: new ice formed in crack in old ice
naggutit: bits of floating ice
masaaraq: a small ice floe, now large enough to stand on
siirsinniq: ice swelling over partially frozen river
tiggunnirit: piled-up ice floes frozen together
uukkarnit: calved ice, from end of glacier
sinaaq: edge of the sea ice