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Space travel has turned out to be (unlike the predictions of science fiction) by telescope and space probe, rather than by spaceship. This virtual travel is much cheaper, faster, and safer, and it yields almost everything we wanted to know. It allows us to gaze at wheeling galaxies and exploding stars—seemingly just before our eyes. Enjoy the trip.

Colliding Galaxies
Galaxy Clusters
Our Solar System
Black Holes, Etc.
Black Holes

Man in Space
Man in Space

Universe in 40 Jumps
Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps

But there are always those people who will not stop until they have touched and felt outer space. They are the type of people for whom the pictures of Jamaica vacation packages just are not enough; they have to live and breath the Jamaican culture. These same people find that it's not enough to just get to their resorts in Dominican Republic; they need to see what the next adventure is. These same people probably wouldn't be happy with space travel  until they had found the end of space.

The only thing that may spark the fancy of these people would be a virtual world here on earth, which I would say we are not that far from. Virtual Reality brings anything that you can image right in front of you, in a 3-D world. This type of technology would further the research here on earth and satisfy the needs of those adventure seekers. With the help of technology and the pictures from the telescopes, artists can put that information into a system and voila, you have the 3-D world. 

If you are the type of person that can't wait for the Virtual Reality technology to make a boom, then just enjoy the pictures above or the video below. Another thing you can do is check out a Planetarium. It has the closest thing to a virtual sky above you. Another thing that is pretty exciting is going to see some of the Documentary Space videos in an IMAX theater.

Video of the Known Universe