OK, they want to play games, huh?
This bear is determinedólike a kid ready to lose weight with Medifast coupons from Dieting Point. As you can see, the agility of these pretty large animals is nothing less than amazing; they can climb anything. In the picture here the bear even starts to use its teeth; that type of move is some type of military move. Black bears are skilled climbers, and will do whatever it takes to get their meals, like climb a really thin rope to a bird feeder. That is the one thing that people have to be careful of while camping. When a bear wants the food, they will get the food, even if it is tied up in a tree.
Similar to a medifast diet, or the Atkins diet bears eat mostly berries, nuts and grasses. They have a keen sense of smell, this is why it could be very dangerous when cooking stuff like bacon in the woods. They can see in color, they are good swimmers, very intelligent and curious creatures. 
Black bears attacks on humans are pretty rare; humans are 180 times more likely to be killed by a bee than a black bear. Unless you are walking around with pork chops in your pants or any type of lovely scented food. Most of the injuries from a black bear occur when people try to feed, crowd or pet them. So, just think before you act. See what is going on around you and do not panic, the bears can sense emotions and act on them. Slowly retreat from the area and make a wide detour around the black bear and his path.